Tulip Shakur Wallpaper



Tulip Shakur was created out of paper cut outs! Playful and sophisticated, this wallpaper is absolutely gorgeous and will transform your space. This wallpaper is both easy to apply and easy to remove, it's an amazing way to cheer up a room, a book case, or put the garden in the loo! This material is not peel and stick, it's more like an old fashioned stamp. The paper is wetted with water to activate the adhesive on the back. Place the paper on the wall, smooth with a sponge, and voila!

The repeat for this design is 24" X 24" inches.

Wallpaper orders take 14-21 days to complete.


Fully removable wallpaper | PVC-free paper, durable and eco-friendly | Self-adhesive: soak in water and apply.


8 X 10 in SAMPLE SHEET: $5

2ft X 3ft Roll: $32 per roll

2ft X 9ft Roll: $91 per roll

2ft X 12ft Roll: $125 per roll

2ft X 27ft Roll: $365 per roll Commercial Grade (Vinyl Type II Wallcovering for permanent installation)